Welcome to my project. The project of tracking happiness.

Happiness [hap-ee-nis] – Noun – The quality or state of being happy.

I believe the absolute purpose in life is happiness. No matter what we value in life, we all try to be as happy as we can, for as long as possible. The things we do to make us happy vary per person. Some may find that rich relationships lead to happiness. Others might argue that money provides happiness. Whatever you believe makes you happy, we all share the same goal.

We all want to be as happy as possible, for as long as possible.

And that is what this site is about. I want to show you how to find the things that make you happy. I have been tracking my happiness for a long time now, and I have learned exactly what makes me happy and what doesn’t. This site will explore the methods, observations and conclusions of tracking my personal happiness.

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