Personal info

Personal info

Who am I?

I am a 23 24 year old dude from the Netherlands. I am very lucky to have a great familiy, a small group of close friends and a lovely girlfriend. My parents have provided me with a great childhood. I feel like I experienced all the typical adolescent challenges: climbed the biggest trees, passed the bicycle exams, struggled with multiple awkward romances, got addicted to MMORPG’s and finally got a high school diploma.

Growing up
It all happened so fast…

The next step was college. How was I going to transition from an adolescent to a young adult?

Let me explain this by telling you something about the things that I am passionate about.

My passions

Growing up with an older brother had an influence on me. Every night, when I was put in bed by my parents, I heard my brother listening to his music in his room. I gladly copied his ninetees music style. I remember when I first heard ´Creep´ by Radiohead, and thought “hey, that sounds different but cool”. When I got my hands on their entire bibliography, my first real passion started to take shape: Music

Not long thereafter, I was the kid in school that did not listen to the standard tunes they played on the radio. Instead of fist bumping to some new EDM song, I got my goosebumps from music that my peers would think of as boring. Being the introvert that I am, instead of trying to find people with similar taste in music, I withdrew to my bedroom and picked up the acoustic guitar my parents had lying around. Thus began another big passion: playing the Guitar

“At one point, I was even the slightly chubby goalkeeper”

In the meantime, I always played a bunch of soccer as a kid. I mostly liked it, I moved up the teams and practised weekly, but it was never something that I was really passionate about. It never fully clicked. At one point, I was even the slightly chubby goalkeeper. You know, the position where your true lack of soccer skills is the least obvious to anyone. I decided that I would try a sport which can be practised individually. This is where I started to feel passionate about Running

Forrest Gump Running
My newfound passion

These newfound passions led to a slight change in lifestyle. I found the things that brought me joy, and even though my direct peers were not doing the same things, it did not bother me, because I was happier.

I started college

In school, I always liked the classes on exact sciences. You know, math and physics. I did some tests online, and they told me that I should be an architect or an engineer, so I chose to apply to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. I believe the fact that my dad was – and still is – a civil engineer by heart had a significant impact on my decision. Four years later, I finished college and am proud to tell people I am officially an engineer. Problem is, now I’m expected to find a job.

That brings me to the last topic of my personal info:

What I do to earn a fair living

Ever since becoming a ‘young adult’, whenever a person introduces him/herself they begin by telling others what their profession is. “I’m Steve, I am 37 years old and I am a personal accountant at a mid-large firm in Amsterdam”. “I’m Lisa, proud mother of two, and an account manager of a small IT firm”. Really? Is that the most accurate description of yourself? I honestly hate the fact that people believe the job that they get paid for is the most defining thing of their entire life. Especially since the majority of people do not love their work. Why would you allow your job to define who you are to others?

I would much rather get to know what really defines you as a person. What makes you happy? What are you passionate about? That’s why I always try to let my passions and hobbies define who I am, instead of the job I get paid for. If I had to introduce myself to you – TLDR style – I would say:

“I am a young guy with a passion for music and running. In my free time, I am either training for or planning my next marathon, playing, writing or listening to music, catching up with close friends or playing a video game. I also like the occasional travelling, and share my life with a sweet girlfriend.”

“… oh yeah, and I work as an Engineer at a big marine contractor”.

Donkey Engineer
I get paid to do this shit

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